Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why should anyone care what I have to say?

Okay. So here I am joining the ocean of humanity who have convinced themselves that their myriad opinions, biases and views on everything from the trivial to the profound are so fascinating that they would be committing an injustice if they did not allow the greater world access to them. Should I take it for granted that anyone would care what I think about any given issue? Maybe I'll just view the function of this blog from a more etymologically correct perspective, that of a log on the web. I will use this forum to organize my thoughts so they become more clear to me, and if anyone out there wants to look in on the process and it helps them to examine their own ideas then that will be a bonus. If they wish to discuss one of my views with me and thus aid me in my quest for truth, then this tool will have exceeded its expected value.


  1. And why wouldn't they, you dork. :P

  2. "no one" cares ... that makes it essential.
    truly yours, no one.