Saturday, August 13, 2011

Is Rick Perry A Murderer?

Considering that Michelle Bachman won the Iowa straw poll, it seems clear that the GOP has set the bar pretty low for its crop of potential presidential candidates. But with the recent announcement by Texas Governor Rick Perry that he's throwing his hat in the ring, the group of contenders' collective level of legitimacy has taken a nose dive.
I am refering to an incident in 2004 when Governor Perry refused to grant a stay of execution for Death Row inmate Cameron Todd Willingham on the basis of new scientific evidence which proved beyond a reasonable doubt to any objective observer that the fire, in which his three young daughters had perished and which he had been convicted of starting due largely to the perjured testimony of an incompetent expert witness for the prosecution, was in fact an accidental fire. Now I understand that to keep a seat in Texas government a politician has to appear "tough on crime", but in my considered opinion signing off on the execution of an innocent man for political considerations makes Rick Perry a murderer and a hypocrite. I'm pretty sure that Rick Perry realizes his crime too, because when this incident came to light and the Innocence Project brought the case to a special committee that the Texas Legislature had created to investigate abuses in the Texas criminal justice system, Rick Perry ended up removing three members of the Texas Forensics Science Commission right before they were going to release a statement about the case. You don't cover up what you are not ashamed of.
I fear for a country that seriously considers electing people like Rick Perry and Michelle Bachman to the highest seat of power. These diabolical politicians make their name pounding on the dais over God Guns and Gays with their right hand while covertly robbing the poor to fatten their corporate masters with their left. The bumper sticker slogan seems apt: "God save us from your followers."

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