Monday, October 17, 2011

String Theory And Dark Matter?

I should start this post by saying I am not an astrophysicist. I have a basic level of understanding compatible with my status as an interested lay person, so I could be talking out of my ass here. But I have been struck many times while studying the principles of string theory or M theory that it could have a built in explanation for the problem of the universe's missing mass or dark matter. The first time this idea came to me was when I noticed a corollary between the ratio of normal matter to dark matter and the ratio of the dimensions that we experience and the theoretical unexperienced dimensions integral to string theory. So I wondered if the missing mass we call dark matter is actually the gravitational signature of matter contained within these dimensions that we do not have experiential access to, but which string theory posits. This idea re-occurred to me today when I was listening to an interview with Brian Greene on Michio Kaku's podcast Exploration from 9/27. In this interview Brian Greene explains that in string theory the only one of the four essential forces which is transmitted through the extra dimensions is gravity.
I don't know, does anyone know if this has been considered or if it is even possible? Anyone have any info along these lines?

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