Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Chicken Pox Lolipops

This anti-vaccine bullshit is getting out of control. I just heard a report about anti-vaccine parents swapping chicken pox infected lollipops through the mail so they could purposely infect their children with a potentially lethal virus. Considering the fact that there is a safe and effective vaccine in existence which protects against chicken-pox, it's my considered opinion that these parents should be prosecuted for criminal negligence and/or assault/child abuse. This kind of anti-science attitude seems to me to be almost a type of delusional thinking or mental illness in that it is a denial of reality which interferes with ones ability to make rational choices. The science denier, it seems to me, is just as big, if not bigger, a threat to the safety of their child than a paranoid schizophrenic or bipolar manic.

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