Sunday, November 20, 2011

Still Faster Than A Speeding Photon?

According to a New York Times article I just read describing a paper on the results of a second experiment done by the OPERA project at CERN to verify the potentially universe-shaking results of an earlier experiment which observed neutrinos seemingly moving faster than the speed of light, they have been able to repeat the outcome after adjusting the experiment slightly to remove some potential causes of error.
Of course it hasn't been positively verified, yet, but neither has it been easily explained by some obvious and easily corrected mistake in the experiment's protocols, which I think most people probably expected to happen. Unexpected, theoretically impossible results like this send the mind reeling and it appears as though they will keep reeling for a while longer at least until the speed of the neutrinos can be positively verified.

Then again... maybe not. Just as I was about to post this I noticed this new article from Reuters.

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