Monday, July 14, 2014

The Daughter Of Jephthah

"Jephthah made this vow to Yahweh: 'If thou wilt deliver the sons of Ammon into my hands, then the first creature that comes out of the door of my house to meet me when I return from them in peace shall be Yahweh's, I will offer that as a burnt-offering.'"
     -Judges 11:30-31

So Yahweh saw fit to deliver the Ammonites into Jephthah's hands by providing for their slaughter under the swords of his army, thusly binding him to his oath.
But where is the Angel of God to hold back Jephthah's hand as it had Abraham's against Isaac?
Why did not Yahweh, who knew these things would happen from before the earth had form, not lift a finger to send the angel Gabriel to stop up Jephthah's mouth and prevent him from making that awful vow?
Or where was the messenger of Elohim to hold back his daughter from that fatal doorway and send, in her place, an unblemished beast worthy of sacrifice?
And when, in the wilderness, the young girl went to mourn that her virginity would now be taken by the grave rather than by one of the strong men of Israel,
Where, even, was the demon fear of death to possess her and send her fleeing across the hills to avoid that abominable altar of child sacrifice?
When she returned obediently, her mourning complete, and Jephthah had bound his daughter on the altar and stretched out his hand, and taken the blade to slay her,
Where, at last, was the Lord's Angel of Mercy to say "Do not raise your hand against the girl; do not touch her."
No Mercy, No Angel.
So on that day, when Yahweh accepted Jephthah's daughter as a burnt-offering, Molech the abomination smiled and embraced Him as a brother.

-Nik Kane

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

A World Without Ockham

Man #1: What do you see here?
Man #2: Why it's fairly obvious, if I am to believe the evidence of my senses, that is a magical unicorn with the uncanny ability to perfectly imitate the likeness of a tree.
Man #1: What?! How did you possibly reach that conclusion?
Man #2: Well, look at it, it doesn't look like a duck does it?
Man #1: Of course not!
Man #2: Then we agree that it is not a magical unicorn imitating a duck... Instead it looks like a tree right?
Man #1: Yes.
Man #2: So I conclude it's a magical unicorn imitating a tree... what is the problem?
Man #1: Well, why not simply conclude that it is, in fact, a tree?
Man #2: Hmm... I hadn't thought of that... I suppose it's a matter of personal preference. In this case the evidence is no better for either assertion. That is, whether it were, in fact, a tree or a magical unicorn in the form of a tree, the evidence would be exactly the same, right?
Man #1: Well... I suppose if you imbue an imaginary thing with magical properties it would hypothetically be able to do anything, including imitating a tree, but...
Man #2: There you have it, then the choice comes down to what kind of world you prefer to live in, one in which there are unicorns and magic or one in which everything is simply and solely what it appears to be. As for me, I prefer the former.

Friday, May 2, 2014


I start to get nervous around sunset. I find myself pacing back and forth or walking circuits around my house, then out the door and around the yard, back yard, front yard, maybe down the street to the entrance to the canyon. I see the sun sink below the horizon and I wonder if I will ever see it again. And so I am confronted with a question. " If this is to be my last sunset," I ask myself "will I be satisfied with the life I've led?" The answer is always "No."